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Welcome to King Of Kings Funding – your trusted financial partner. We’re committed to simplifying the complex world of financial products and services, finding the ideal fit for your needs. Our team puts your interests first, weighing pros and cons to safeguard your financial well-being. We offer the tools for a secure and prosperous future. Our personalized services, exceptional customer service, and dedication make us stand out. With us, your priorities are always first!

Our Products

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K.O.K Financing Criteria

Cover just about every aspect of your small business. Some of the most common SBA loans are the 7(a), Flashcap, SBA Bolt and SBA Express.

Amount: up to $5M | Speed of Funds: 2-8 Weeks | Interest Rate: WSJ Prime+2.5%

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Get a revolving amount of funds to borrow from when you need to and pay back later.

Amount: $1k-25MM | Speed of Funds:1-2 days | Interest Rate: 8%-60%

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A term loan provides a lump sum that gets repaid in regular intervals over a set amount of time, also known as the loan term.

Amount: $5k-250M | Speed of Funds: 2-6 Weeks | Interest Rate: Low as 6%

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Invest in your own business. Instead of giving up equity to investors, a startup loan maintains your equity while accessing the working capital your startup needs to grow.

Amount: Up to $50M | Speed of Funds: 2-4 weeks | Interest Rate: Up to 31%

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Use this loan to purchase any kind of equipment your business needs. There are financing options for nearly every industry and any variety of items you need.

Amount: 5k-50M | Speed of Funds: 48hrs | Interest Rate: Low as 3.5%

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Use it to buy, build, expand, remodel, or even refinance your business.

Amount: $50k-50M+ | Speed of Funds: 3-6 Weeks | Interest Rate: Low as 4.5%

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Purchase an existing business or franchise, and take advantage of business opportunities even if you don’t have the capital to purchase it outright.

Amount: $50k-100M | Speed of Funds: 30 days | Interest Rate: As Low as 5.5%

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We offer 1-10 year terms for both unsecured and secured loan debt consolidation

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Personal Credit Repair: Our team of credit specialists has successfully aided over 29,000 clients in repairing personal credit within an average timeframe of 90-120 days.

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The King of Funding

National reach, personal service.

At King Of Kings Funding, we don’t just provide financial products and services – we provide solutions. Our team of experienced professionals will work hard to find the right combination of options that will help you reach your financial objectives. From fast capital to term loans to credit repair, our team has the expertise and resources necessary to provide you with an effective solution tailored specifically for your business needs. 

We also have one of the largest networks of lenders in the country, including all 50 states and Puerto Rico. With access to some of the best providers in the industry, we can negotiate competitive rates and terms on your behalf so that you get exactly what you need without breaking your budget. And our credit specialists are always available to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. 

At King Of Kings Funding, we prioritize customer service above all else because we believe in building lasting relationships with each client we serve. You can trust us as a reliable partner who truly cares about helping you succeed financially!

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Streamlined Application Process

Our team has refined our process to serve our clients better, clearly outlining essential documentation at key points.


Strategic Consultation

After we receive your application and financial documents, our team at King of Kings Funding will analyze them and discuss all options with you. We strive to understand your needs, explaining the pros and cons of each option clearly.


Term Sheet Presentation

This crucial phase aims for clarity and transparency, explaining the loan offer in simple terms, free of financial jargon. Customers are encouraged to ask questions to fully understand their loan terms, making complex financial discussions easier



After moving through the application, consultation, and term sheet review, you receive the funding you need directly in your bank account. This marks the final step of our financing process, but not the end of our partnership. We remain available to our clients long after funding, offering assistance and guidance whenever needed, at no extra cost.

King Of Kings
Risk Elimination
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At King Of Kings Funding, we proudly offer a wide range of financial services to meet your needs. From credit repair to free consulting, our team is here to help you every step of the way. We understand the importance of a good credit score in today’s world and are committed to rebuilding your credit and securing the financing you need. With our extensive network of top lenders nationwide, we have a 90% success rate on all deals. Rest assured, you’re in capable hands with us!

Customer Satisfaction
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Our mission has remained the same since day one: to be the ultimate “One Stop Shop” for Business Owners Nationwide.  At King Of Kings Funding, integrity and trustworthiness are paramount to us. We are committed to identifying and providing tailor-made products and services that meet the unique needs of our clients. With an impressive customer satisfaction rate of 97%, we take great pride in our exemplary reputation. Your success is our utmost priority.

How We help

King of Kings Funding offers top-notch financial services to clients, helping businesses streamline their finances for better results. Our experienced team develops and executes strategies to boost profitability while reducing risk. Whether you need fast capital, term loans, credit repair, or any other financial solution, we’re your go-to source. Contact us today to achieve your goals!

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About Us.

At King of Kings Funding, we’re committed to delivering top-notch financial services. Our offerings range from large scale Commercial Real Estate Projects to small loans and everything in between. Our team provides expert financial guidance. We embrace a customer-first approach, always aiming for our clients’ long-term success. With us, you join a financial family that prioritizes your interests, backed by thorough support and consistent excellence. Entrust your financial wellbeing to us at every step.

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